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Why is the weather so wierd in New Mexico?

Im 20 and lived here all my life one day its really cold and stormy then the next its really hot and sunny sometimes it even changes drastically eith in a couple hours like in Albuquerque we don't get very much snow but it snows sometimes.once in awhile it's really cold and snowy in the morning then it gets all hot and sunny the snow and water dries up and u cant even tell it snowed at all

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    Depending on the variety of conditions (i.e. pressure systems, season, adiabatic lapse rate, etc.) Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma experience rather weird weather. One of the reasons this occurs is due to the warm dry air from Mexico and the moist air from the Gulf of Mexico mixing which can produce some of the most peculiar weather. Another reason for weird weather which is more specific to New Mexico is due to the mountain ranges. Moist air moving towards rising elevations is forced upwards which cools the air which condenses the water vapor and produces types of precipitation depending on the temperature and other factors. Frontal systems and jet stream positions also typically play a major role in the weird weather of New Mexico.

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