I can't access my My Yearbook.Com profile account for 3 days till now.It always said:503 temporary unavailable?

I can't access my My Yearbook.Com profile account for 4 days now today.It started last May 8, when I try to log in on My Yearbook account instead of seeing my profile, an error appeared that said: 503 Temporary Unavailable. i kept on repeating to log in but same error appeared.I thought maybe there is really a problem going on MYB so I've waited for hours before trying to log in again But with no Luck , no matter how i tried to do it everyday, until now same problem is still there. I already did the option to try logging in as 503 errors appears like click on Reload & F5,restart my router and computer but still with no luck nothing happen & 503 still appears.If the problem is with the server as 503 error explained, How come it's taking 3 days now to fix their problem? I don't think this is normal for a social site to be off the line in such a long days now. Besides how come it is only me experiencing it. My friends abroad don't have such problem. I'm from the Philippines, does it mean all MYB Philippines member are experiencing the same problem like me? I am kind of worried something went wrong with my account. I even tried signing up a new account, log in on another computer but still it doesn't work out, 503 is still there. i just want to know right now if it is really normal to lost access on social networking site for 3 days now due to maintenance or traffic problem? Is this really happening right now to MYB members from Philippines. How can I know that 503 is indeed the problem why I cant log in and it's not because of anything else.? Is there other ways or alternatives for me to log in on my account right now with out 503 problem. Please do help because I have a very important message in MYB sent to me last 2 days ago which I really have to read it's content. My yahoo mail send me notification about the message, when I tried to click to read it in MYB, I cant log in . I'm really expecting that message to come as it contain a very important details. It so happen, MYB is the only access I have from my friend who sent it to me. We we're not able to give each others contact s yet but MYB only. Now my friend dont know that I can't log in for 3 days already, for sure he is waiting for my reply very soon as he is coming over here anytime. But how can we communicate now it I have this 503 problem on my account. I don't want my friend to think that i'm not a real person, a person with no word of honor, I'm really worried for he might be here without me knowing, trying to contact me at MYB so we could meet. Please help. My yearbook account is all I have at night against my depression, it did help a lot for me not to think so deeply when I'm home at night as I enjoy being online talking and messaging my friends till I felt the need to sleep then without causing me any depression at all. Now I'm feeling depress and restless again for 4 days already as I have nothing to divert my attention at night. I'm already satisfied being online in My yearbook, I don't want to try other sites anymore.If this problem keeps on going for long, I don't know how could I spend my days at home without being depressed again.Is there a way I could contact My yearbook about my problem or the server itself ? need all your possible help for me to fix the problem so I could log in on my account now. by the way i also try clicking my account link , yes I access the preview of my Profile account but once I try to clicked the HOME page or profile page,, I have to log in my email and password still but then 503 appear again.My email and passwords are correctly type,so it's of no problem. Thank you.

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  • 8 years ago
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    yay! i actually breath a big sigh of relief. I AM NOT ALONE.lol. I am experiencing the same error. relax girl, what's meant to be will find a way. ;)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Myyearbook really gots to take action about this matter. Its always like this. They do a maintenance on the site every now and then and yet still like this. Its been four days now and its totally sucks!

    Same like u I'm in the Philippines too as of the moment, and I can't log in to my account. My friends here is experiencing the same problem but my friends abroad can open it just fine so the bottom line is, this is only happening here in the Philippines. I'm just afraid it might have been banned here well hope not coz I am too have important messages there. And I miss my friends there so much. Can anyone pls tell us what's really going on with myyearbook? Everytime I log in it says " service is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance and traffic downtime" this is happening for 4 days now. I have emailed myyearbook and didn't receive any reply until now.

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  • 8 years ago

    Hi friend,

    I have analyzed your problem and found that you can check you error with help of following HTTP Errors.


    HTTP Error 501 Not implemented. Introduction. The Web server (running the Web site) does not understand or does not support the HTTP method it finds in the ...



    HTTP Error 502 Bad gateway. Introduction. A server (not necessarily a Web server) is acting as a gateway or proxy to fulfil the request by the client (e.g. your ...



    HTTP Error 503 - Service unavailable. Introduction. The Web server (running the Web site) is currently unable to handle the HTTP request due to a temporary ...



    HTTP Error 504 Gateway timeout. Introduction. A server (not necessarily a Web server) is acting as a gateway or proxy to fulfil the request by the client

    Hope it will be helpful for you .

    Thanks and Regards

    Sunil Yadav

    (GAP Certified Professional)


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  • 8 years ago

    I am experiencing the same problem for 4 days now. I already tried different browser but i can't access my account in my yearbook. I am thinking that the problem is in my area (Davao City) or maybe my internet server (PLDT). I asked the help of a very good friend to check it, I gave him my password and let him log in using my account. He's a half way around the world from me and bingo he can log in on my account. Lady in distress, I already asked the help of my friend to contact my yearbook administrator (Catherine and Dave) re: this problem.I hope MYB can fix the problem very soon. This is the only site i enjoy spending most of my time. Hope it will be fix.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Same. I'm from the Philippines too and my friends abroad can open their accounts. I have a feeling they banned it here. Or maybe they just really have server problems but it sucks so bad for I have friends that I only have contact there. Hopefully they make their users aware of what kind of problem this is.

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