how do you talk to someone you dont know?

i need help talking to people i dont know and do know...

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  • 9 years ago
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    talking to strangers can be one of the most dificult things to do if your not accustomed to it.

    the oldest most widely used note in the book is to find common ground. in a classroom setting? ask a question about the homework, about something the teacher said, about the subject. the trick to make it a FRIENDLY encounter and not just your average question asking, you need to BE friendly while you talk and ask a question. afterwards smile and say THANKS or if you have something else in your mind that you can say, say it!

    if your in a public setting, theres two ways to go by it. if its a person that your friend knows.. well thats simple, ask her to introduce you guys! im not talking about romantic introductions. if your just looking for friend they can introduce you to other girls-guys. its only wierd if you make it wierd!

    now if you dont know the person at ALL. it depends on whether your looking for a romance or a friend. typically talking to men in public places is not done UNLESS your looking for romance. why, because society is a little one sided. how to get a guys attention if you DO want it? LOOK AT HIM. theres a few ways to play this game. you can look at him, and obviously look away, although i would personally say the best way would be to look at him and when he looks at you SMILE and hold his gaze. if he continues looking at you, throw out a little wave. you might flush but its a simple non verbal way to say "hey come talk to me" or "hey your cute"

    now if your looking for friends. the best way, honestly, is not to look for them. the minds we stumble upon are usually the best. conversations can start with ANYTHING from "ive been looking for shoes like that EVERYWHERE" to "ive been needing coffee all day"

    however as a note, id like to say that making friends in random public places isnt the most IDEAL because there may not be much common ground, the friendship may be on a needyouforsomething basis. its best to start up conversations with people you have some type of chance to see often.

  • 9 years ago

    Be approachable. Smile and say hi. Introduce yourself!

  • Emily
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    9 years ago

    Just say, "Hey, what's up?" (On a Facebook or something)

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