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? asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevisionDrama · 9 years ago

How do you think Boardwalk Empire will continue into season 3.?

I am curious as to how Martin Scorsese plans on continuing on into season 3 of Boardwalk Empire because, as we all know, Jimmy Darmody was murdered in the season 2 finale. What are your thoughts?

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    9 years ago
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    They will introduce new characters and give existing characters a bigger roles. Bobby Cannavale is playing Gyp Rosetti in S3 and he is suppose to be Nucky's main rival. There is some speculation that his character may hook-up with Gillian to go against Nucky. Al Capone should have a bigger part this season. They cast Arron Shriver to play Dean O'Banion, who was Capone's main rival in the early 20's. Van Alden's character moved to Cicero,Illionois in the finale,which was Capone's 1923 headquarters so he will be invovled in his storyline. Margaret signed the land to the chruch and S3 will have to show the consequences of what she did. There is a new female cast member playing a broadway actress named Billy Kent and they were suposse to get another new young up and coming gangster, Bud Matheson. .....The show creater has said S3 will be more violent and in a recent interview Vincent Piazza who plays Lucky said "Season3 manages to one up last year, It's the year of the gangster." So I would expect more from the NY gangster including more Bugsy Siegel too. I can't wait for Fall.

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