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Yesterday I was shouting about the fact that there are no dog experts.?

Now I am looking for computer experts who also love dogs.

We are asked the same questions every day, consequently I paste the answers that I have saved. In total, I have saved eighty seven standard answers

I have also saved training info. I did this when I was asked to take an obedience/clicker training class. The invitation was withdrawn when I said that I did not have formal qualifications.

Do any of you save your answers and use them again and again? (I do also answer a question from scratch)

It has occurred to me that we could join forces and pool our answers. Could we then compile a book/leaflet and donate this to dog charities and rescue organisations to raise money.

We would need a moderator, an editor and someone who would help with the printing. What other help would we need?

Is this idea viable and how can we implement this?

Imagine the buzz that we will get. Instead of answering question from kids and idiots who ignore our advice, we could help dogs who are needy.


Cookie. I don't have the qualifications just the germ of an idea.That's why I am asking for help.

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    Not an expert with computers but can get by quite nicely, have an interest in dog and love my two - how can you not when they react with such happiness by acting if coming home is the best thing that can happen to them in a day?

    That said, until I noticed that you archived some answers to pick apart and use to directly address points raised in a question or copy and paste in its entirety if appropriate, I types all of mine from scratch for each answer (my fingers are grateful to you Dorothy) and have maybe thirty largely Dobermann and behavior/temperament related answers archived to dip into.

    I think of all the answers in the dog section as a pool of knowledge that members contribute to and can make use of using the search function to sift through what is there and take out what's useful and discard the rest.

    My primary interest is to dissuade people unsuited to owning my breed from purchasing it and encouraging those who appear to have what it takes in personality, experience and lifestyle to take in on and own it responsibly and secondary is to avoid paperwork and enjoy a coffee break.

    Volunteering with breed rescue, what is sold to raise money tends to be breed related and advice is given free of charge to owners to work to keep dogs in suitable homes and to prospective purchasers.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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    I very seldom cut and paste. I have quit answering questions that have been answered a billion times before, because there is a search function to this forum, and anyone can use it to find the billion previous answers.

    I would imagine there are already a lot of websites with the answers already compiled.

    I did once write out an instruction sheet for new owners, which my local shelter handed out as part of the packet when a dog was adopted.

  • jtexas
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    8 years ago

    I have a half dozen or so standard answers I use frequently in the boating section.

    Your methodology works great in a regular forum, where frequently answered questions can be "stuck" to the top of the board. Y!A is not such a great vehicle for that sort of thing, in my opinion.

    Here's a good one right here:

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  • 8 years ago

    It's been done, over and over. The experts are out there putting titles on their dogs, giving seminars, and writing books. What qualifications do you have to think your are able to do better than the pros.???????

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    95% of Q&A here are CHATTING CHILDREN!

    Most of the rest are cheap,lazy,terminally stupid &/or do *NOT* want to hear the facts...especially when it involves getting up off their fat donkeys & WORKING at anything.

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