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Will the convicted felon's strong showing in the V. Va primary give him momentum against Obama in other states?

Meet Keith Judd, the Felon Challenging Obama

The president lost a whopping 40 percent of the vote in Tuesday's West Virginia Democratic primary to Judd, an inmate in a Texas federal prison.

The recent admission by two prominent West Virginia Democrats—Senator Joe Manchin and Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin—that they personally might not vote for President Obama suggested there is some dissatisfaction within the Appalachian state's branch of the president’s party. And sure enough, the results of last night’s Democratic presidential primary confirm that West Virginians harbor a particular discontent with Obama.

The president won Tuesday’s West Virginia Democratic primary, of course, but he didn’t go unchallenged. In a shocking coup, his competitor—Keith Judd—raked in 40 percent of the vote, the most a Democratic challenger has been able to garner in this year’s primary contest so far.

Keith Judd, according to his apparently self-submitted profile on, is a Rastafarian/Christian Democrat whose education allegedly includes degrees from a number of universities, including the University of California, Los Alamos, and the University of New Mexico; he also claims to have “attended” Harvard’s “John F. Kennedy School of Politics” in 1998. He’s been involved in a number of organizations, including something called the Homeless People’s Voting Rights Association and the little-known (and unsearchable) Federation of Superheroes. He claims to be the son of actress Lillian Russell (Russell died in 1922; Judd says he was born in 1958), names Richard Nixon as his favorite president, and lists “ESP, Telling the Future” among his special talents. His favorite website is Google. Judd says that in addition to his current presidential bid, he’s run for commander in chief four other times, mayor of Albuquerque twice, and governor of New Mexico once.

Missing from Judd’s lengthy online biography, however, is the fact that this presidential primary candidate doesn’t actually live in West Virginia, but in a low- security federal prison in Texarkana, Texas.

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  • Anonymous
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    I am actually surprised that Obama won, given that he destroyed the coal industry in that state

  • john a
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    8 years ago

    So here are some facts left out. Who paid for his filling fees if he is in prison? Who filled the papers for him since he can't do it from prison? Why did he pick west virginia instead of the state he is from or where he lives now? Sounds like there is something fishing about his running? So who would want him to run in the first place?

  • bob
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    8 years ago

    MISSING FACT DEPARTMENT: In that election Obama received almost as many votes as ALL the Republican candidates combined. Why do you think that is? In a "conservative" state like WV, in an uncontested Democratic primary where most Democrats wouldn't be interested in voting, that the Democratic candidates gets nearly as many vote as all the Republicans combined and there are 50% more voters in the Democratic primary than there are in the Republican primary. Since I realize that the cognitive skills of Republicans are lacking I will help you out with the answer.....In the open primary, Republicans were voting for the felon...Probably just a mistake, though. They saw the criminal and automatically assumed he was a Republican!

  • 8 years ago

    heads are going to roll as to how a convict even got on the ballot,,,,they can not vote ??

    that is real problem dear

    and no a convict we just found about is going no where fast

    what is really wrong with you cons

    worry about your fn lying r-money explain how he alone saved the car indusrty???What a damn liar..this in not a flip or spin but fn LIE....

    and why does he love trees only if they are right height??

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  • r1b1c*
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    8 years ago

    "However, as of April 1, 2007, West Virginia's Democratic Party opened its voting to allow "individuals who are not affiliated with any existing recognized party to participate in the election process"."


    one buck says 100% of those that voted for this INMATE were Republicans.

  • 8 years ago

    Liberals hate the truith and are great deflectors of it. The fact of the matter is obama has swung so far to the left that he is pissing off even the so called senceable liberals. If a moderate dem ran against him he would have a hell of a fight on his hands. So it dosen't surprise me that he lost that much of the vote. Mitt will win for 2012...

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Obama clinched the nominate about a month ago

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  • 8 years ago

    Obama only won when there was a recount

  • Most of W. Virginians are convicted felons....LMAO!!!!

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