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Accomodation for family of 5 in Nice, France?

My family and I are going to Nice from June 19 - 26. We can't find anywhere to stay that's less than £600. I don't know where to look. Can someone help?

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    Nice is an expensive city, if you found a place where 5 people can stay 7 nights for £600, take it !

    The average price for a double room at a 2 stars hotel in Nice is 100€

    Even if you rent a flat, it won't be cheaper than £600.,vacation-...

    There's a very nice hostel, Villa Saint Exupéry Jardin.

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    Not sure I may help you since you probably checked several sites. Furthermore several hotels may be already fully-booked. Anyway, as for hotels, try here:

    (Best Western has some hotels in central Nice at reasonable prices, but they seem to be full).

    Or try a bed and breakfast such as La Pastorelle here:

    The web site of the tourist office of Nice has also several links to local hôtels:



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    sure you rather desire 2 rooms. Swissotel is a sturdy suggestion. in reality, maximum 5 celeb inns in Singapore have swimming pool and well-being club. There are a pair of city section inns that's advisable to evaluate to boot: Marriot( precise smack in the direction of the city determining to purchase district), Grand Hyatt, Hilton and Meritus Mandarin and four Seasons. For a greater luxury stay, you may choose Shangri-l. a. (a 10 min walk from the city determining to purchase district) or Raffles lodge (in the comparable section as Swissotel).

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    Have a look at They have over 7000 hotels listed that can sleep a family of 5 or more!

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