Graphing the coordinates (-5, f(5))?

x would be -5

I thought the coordinate would be (-5, 5) but it says it wrongs. Then I just went to x=-5 and went to any point the line had for x=-5 and it was still wrong.

What is f(5) in the coordinate? I don't know how to figure it out without them giving me an equation like f(x)= blah blah

Help please.


Also, what do you do if its (-5, -f(5))

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  • 8 years ago
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    You need to know what the value of the f(5) is in order to actually graph it. If you knew what the value of f(5) was, then it would be the y-coordinate. Without knowing more, f(5) could be anything, and the "5" tells you nothing about it, without having more info. You would either need to be told what it is, be given a formula to actually calculate it, or know something about f from which you could infer what it must be.

    The only noteworthy thing here is the fact that the y-value at x=-5 is the same as it it is at x = 5, which points to a possible symmetry across the y-axis.

    Also, you don't know anything about -f(5), other than that it's on the opposite side of x-axis from f(5). This could point to symmetry about the x-axis. Unfortunately, though, without knowing more about f, you're stuck.

  • 3 years ago

    i'm uncertain why you're able to need a graphing calculator, yet i'm going to do it the two techniques for you. devoid of a graphing calculator: comprehend that sine maximizes at one million and minimizes at -one million. replace sin(4x + 80) with one million for the optimum and sin(4x + 80) with -one million for the minimum. optimum: f(x) = 5.2sin(4x + 80) + 7.3 = 5.2(one million) + 7.3 = 12.5 minimum: f(x) = 5.2sin(4x + 80) + 7.3 = 5.2(-one million) + 7.3 = million hence, the optimum fee is 12.5 and minimum fee is million. With a graphing calculator: i'm going to tutor you the stairs that i could use on my TI-80 4 Plus Silver version. maximum human beings in Precalc have comparable calculators so it (or some version of those steps) ought to paintings for you. Step one million: pass to "Y=" and form in 5.2sin(4x + 80) + 7.3 for "Y1=" on the suitable. Step 2: pass to "WINDOW." replace the window so the graph is actual viewable. From what we discovered above, replace "Xmin = 0" and "Xmax = 5". replace "Ymin = one million.5" and Ymax" = 13." The x values do no longer remember in any respect, certainly, however the y values accomplish that the optimum and minimum values would be seen. Step 3: Press "GRAPH." Step 4: After that's complete graphing, press "2nd," then "CALC" (that's on the "hint" button). Press "3: minimum" first. as quickly as you place the limits between a minimum dip, this is going to tutor the linked fee " million," which confirms our answer above. Step 5: further, press "2nd," then "CALC" returned. Press "4: optimum" this time. as quickly as you place the limits between a optimum top, this is going to tutor the linked fee "Y=12.5," which additionally confirms our answer. observe that it became right into a lot greater handy to clean up it devoid of graphing by means of utilising noticing that sine maximizes at one million and minimizes at -one million.

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