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Which deck sealer should I use for my kid's playhouse?

Obviously I'm looking for longevity and also since it's for the kids, want it to dry nice, not sticky or tacky.

At Lowes they have:

Thompsons $60 (5 gallons) probably the most commonly used.

Flood CWF-UV Clear Waterproof sealer $90 Says it's good for 2 years on floors, 4 years on sides.

Olympic $80???

Olympic Maximum $150 Says it's good for 3 years

Leaning towards the Flood CWF UV. Will it dry nice so you can grab it?

Any advice from contractors that have used the products is appreciated.

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    9 years ago
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    I always use CWF-UV. It is a good value at $45 a year (two years at $90). Olympic MAX is good too but you're looking at $50 a year. The best plan is to be ready to maintain it.

    Oh, and I'm a BIG fan of Lowe's Pro Desk. If you haven't gotten your lumber there yet, talk to a pro and get yourself a "Business Account" credit card. With that you get free delivery. Just keep in mind that the business account is not like a regular credit account, you MUST pay it off in 30 days. Still, free delivery will save you $90 (my area) and having the pro desk quote a price for the wood - it WILL be cheaper than if you go pick it up yourself. You get good product at a better price AND you don't have to haul it home.

    Good luck.


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