Why kiwi fruit can make tneder

Why kiwi fruit can make meat tnederizer ,i need an experiment on plastic gelatin film,plz.very urgent

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    8 years ago
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    Why can kiwifruit tenderize meat?

    Kiwifruit contains an enzyme that makes it a decent meat tenderizer. Use kiwis slices or peels with some flesh on them and marinate 30 minutes for each inch of the meat's thickness. As with fresh pineapple, this enzyme also prevents gelatin from setting. So if you want to use kiwi in a gelatin mold, you'll have to poach it, though you'll risk some loss of texture and colour.

    If you want to do an experiment to demonstrate the tenderizing effect of kiwifruit, put different quantities of kiwifruit onto plastic gelatin films and compare the degrees of resulting setting.

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