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出貨注意事項:由於客戶想要自行安裝壓針支架( BUS BAR ASSEMBLING),所以在出貨前不需要人工安裝,請將安裝壓針支架的螺絲包裝妥當,請將壓針支架與螺絲裝在同一箱貨箱中出貨。因為涉及到清關的問題,請務必在invoice上注明螺絲的準確數量及螺絲的規格(杆徑)。

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    Shipping Notice:

    1) Do not install the bus bar assembly and pack it properly; per customer's request, it will be installed by the customer.

    2) Please pack the bus bar assembly and screw within the same carton.

    3) Please specify the exact quantity of screw and its specification (screw shaft diameter) on the invoice for customs clearance purpose.


    1. 因為原文提及三件注意事項, 以條列方式陳述會比較容易閱讀.

    2. 經查詢壓針支架英文多為 Bus Bar Assembly

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    Shipping note:

    Because the buyer will install BUS BAR ASSEMBLING by himself, the assembly is not required at this time. please pack the screws separately and put it into the same container along with BUS BAR ASSEMBLING, also fill out the invoice with the quantity and specification of the screws for customs clearance.--------

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