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凱子 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago

請問哪位大大能幫我翻譯一下 20點 感謝@@

They are elicited mainly by stimuli arising from outside the body, for exam-ple, visual or auditory, or those arising from within the body, for example, vestibular, The former are referred to as exteroceptive, the latter as interocep-tive stimuli.

When the illuminance of the retina changes, the pupil of the eye constricts or dilates.

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    它們主要由身體受到外界剌激所引起,例如視覺或聽覺上的剌激,或者由體內剌激所引起,如”前庭系統” 。前者稱為”外界刺激的生理感受”,後者稱為”體內刺激的生理感受” 。當視網膜接受的光照度改變,眼睛瞳孔會隨之收縮或擴張 。

    1. vestibular<=前庭系統,作用於人自身的平衡感和空間感,對於人的運動和平衡能力起關鍵性的作用。2. illuminance<=光照度‧每單位面積所接收到的光通量3. the pupil of the eye<=瞳孔

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