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im might be joining the lasd?

what will i have access to in the lasd . i was driving in my car then i saw a lasd deputys crossing the street in quads will i have access to this and what else will i have access to .. will i get free food ... lasd los angles sheriffs department .. im not trolling i just want to know


im not trolling i just want to know will i have access to ride a quad in the street if i join the last

Update 2:

eric is a troll because he didn't even answer my question hes just bitching about stuff that is out of topic .. im not a deputy read the question. you can't tell people what to do in yahoo answers your just want to look cool in yahoo answers and it wont work loser..

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    Before you start wondering if you'll have access to a LASD quad, ask yourself these questions:

    Do I have a four-year college degree?

    Do I have a clean criminal record?

    Do I have prior military or law enforcement experience?

    If the answer to any of these questions is "no," you won't be riding any LASD quads any time soon.

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    8 years ago

    You're trolling. No one answer this question! If you're going to troll come up with something better.

    You are trolling. A deputy would be able to put together a proper sentence. Quit trolling. You're too stupid to even realize that you're dumb.

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