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Do you think I'll Have Another will be the favorite in the Preakness?

We all know he's not going to win the Triple Crown, right?

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    No! Bodemeister has already been made the early Morning Line Favorite.

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    He Could..However, right now Bodemeister has it..but that could, I said could change..Respectfully, we all don't know whether I'll Have Another will or will not win the Triple Crown..that's just guessing.. many including myself at first are thinking/assuming he has only a one way racing style..we know him only as a late runner, however, we could be overlooking something.. this classy colt has some impressive wins with the Santa Anita Derby, Robert B. Lewis Stakes, and a peak performance on Derby day. He does relish distance which was/is an advantage in the Derby & Belmont.. However, it looks to me his cruising speed could be an advantage as well, where he can be placed in striking mode early since he possesses a push-button acceleration when asked. There's always that chance he could win...ya never know.. he could maintain his form and keep on winning.. !

    Bodemeister is an amazing horse there's is a lot of talent going to Pimlico too.

    On Union Rags...The team of owner Phyllis Wyeth, trainer Michael Matz and Wyeth advisor Russell Jones met Tuesday at Matz's Fair Hill (Md.) barn and decided that since the Triple Crown is out, the horse could really use more time between races. So they will skip the May 19 Preakness and get Union Rags ready for the June 9 Belmont Stakes.


    @ Starlight1 - LOL..! No problem, and I won't argue your matter of fact because I actually agree. I was simply stating what Union Rags connections are saying..and maybe they will still change there minds and not run Union Rags in the Belmont.. I agree there are distance questions surrounding the pedigree of Union Rags, but in recent history, things like pedigree, long layoffs, dosage Index and other factors are said not to be as important as they once were. Personally, I use them ,and feel they are very useful as a handicapper, but as you know, racing is as unpredictable as it gets..! And, as far as, being elected pope..well, if you were a man, then I'd say there's a chance there too..! LOL!

    Overall safety should always, alway be first.


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    I don't really care who the favorite will be, I will be rooting for I'll Have Another. He is a tough little horse, appears to be in good shape, still full of energy after the Derby. If he wins the Preakness, I think he will have a good chance in The Belmont. I'm hoping that his Distorted Humor bloodline has given him the stamina he needs...

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    Just because IHA won the Derby doesn't automatically mean he'll be the favorite at Pimlico. I actually think that Bodiemeister and Union Rags have a better shot at winning the Preakness than IHA does. Union Rags in particular is well suited to this kind of shorter distance, because that's what he was bred for. Bodiemeister will also do well, again because of his breeding. And let's not rule out a few other horses too, such as Gemologist, Creative Cause, and Trinniberg. The best part about the Preakness is that the field will be so much smaller than it was in the Derby. Fewer horses entered means fewer problems with traffic for those horses which are come from behind types. I think that Union Rags would have had a far better shot at winning in Derby if the field had been smaller.

    That race has WAY TOO MANY entries- and they need to start reducing the size of the field, or sooner or later there will be a really bad accident or worse. I don't want to see the Derby develop a reputation as being a race where accidents and fatalities happen the way Britain's Grand National has- and the way to avoid that is for the Kentucky Racing Commission and the Jockey Club to put their collective feet down and start limiting the number of entries to no more than 15 at the most. Doing this would have other advantages too, such as keeping horses that really have no chance of winning out of the field in the first place. Take Daddy Nose Best, for example. That horse got pulled up right after the start and didn't even finish the race. The horse just ahead of him, Take Charge Indy, suffered a bone chip in his right front ankle and is going to be out of training until at least the fall, if not longer. And there was a large group of other horses just in front of these two who were also hopelessly outclassed and probably shouldn't have even been in the race to start with. What is the point of putting a horse in a race like the Derby only to have him finish in the back of the pack, or have him get into a situation where he has to be pulled up because of injuries or worse? It doesn't do the horse any good, and it sure doesn't do the sport any good either. Something's got to change here, folks. The original Derby wasn't like today's race is. You didn't see races that had fields which were so crowded that the use of a second starting gate was necessary. You didn't hear stories of horses getting pulled up right after the start because they were hurt, or because they got squeezed. But stories like that have become common in recent years- and they are hurting the sport. It's not surprising that the animal rights groups like PETA and HSUS are up in arms about events like the Derby, which they quite rightly consider to be cruel and inhumane. While I don't agree with their tactics, I also feel that to a certain extent, they are correct in pointing out racing's dark side. The racing industry as a whole can and should do things better. We owe it to the horses, their human connections, and to the fans.

    Edit: As much as I hate to say this, Sandra, Union Rags has about as much of a chance of winning the Belmont as I do of being elected Pope, which is to say slightly less than ZERO. That horse was never bred to go that distance- his sire was known as a miler, not a distance runner. There is some distance ability on his dam's side, but not a whole lot. I would hate to see him come to a bad end, but I fear that this is where we are headed.

    Edit again: I was just pointing out something that one does not need to be a rocket scientist to see. Much as I admire Matz, this is one of the few times I think he's made a mistake. I just hope it doesn't prove to be too costly.

    Source(s): I'm a horse owner and professional and a longtime follower of all horse sports including racing.
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    No, I don't think he'll be favorite. I actually don't understand why this horse is so lightly regarded. What has he ever done wrong?

    I think part of it is that people like to pick a horse as a two year old and say "that's my derby horse!" But I'll Have Another didn't really show up until this spring, so people didn't have that much time to grow attached to this horse.

    Another part is that people like really flashy horses. People like horses like Bodemeister who win races by a huge margin. People like horses like Union Rags who come flying down the stretch in the final yards. And people like physically attractive horses whether it be because of size (Zenyatta) or color (Union Rags). I'll Have Another isn't terribly flashy. He's a cute little horse. And he won the Santa Anita Derby by being kind of close to the pace, then went with Creative Cause and raced next to him to the wire and got his nose in front. Then he went on to the Derby and he doesn't have that flashy speed that Bodemeister has, but he also didn't come flying late like Dullahan did. He really makes you wonder about the next race. Ok, he won the SA Derby by a nose and he wasn't heavily favored, so what's he going to do in the Kentucky Derby? I think he was just not memorable enough, so people threw him out.

    I kind of fell into the same trap. I was making my Derby picks and I didn't really know what to do with I'll Have Another. There were horses I liked more. I like to separate the race into pace horses, stalkers, mid packers, and closers, then pick the best one or two from each section. I thought I'll Have Another would be close to the lead, but maybe a little more of a stalker than a pace horse. But I thought Bodemeister was a better speed horse and I really liked Gemologist's run in the wood, so I liked him as my stalker. So my first reaction was to throw out IHA. That was my plan until about 30 minutes before the race. I had watched racing all day Friday and Saturday and thought speed was holding on really well on the track. So I decided to throw out some of my off the pace horses and use more speed horses. And even then, I couldn't decide if I really wanted to spend the extra money to include I'll Have Another. I finally decided to throw him in and I'm really glad I did!

    Now we're in the same boat after the Derby. Ok, he won. But Bodemeister flew through the first 6 furlongs and looked like no one was going to catch him in the stretch, then he got pretty tired and kind of stopped. And Dullahan was really flying at the end. So early in the race, I'll Have Another didn't run as fast as Bodemeister. And late, he wasn't running as fast as Dullahan. And the final time was pretty slow for a track where speed was holding well and more than one record was broken that weekend.

    So, yes, I think he'll be ignored again... I don't think he'll be the favorite. But I think he's a pretty nice horse. I don't think you can really fault a horse who has won three graded stakes in a row. His only bad race was in the slop at Saratoga last year and he was pretty wide on the turns in that race.

    I have my doubts about the Triple Crown. I want him to win. I feel like this horse is similar to Animal Kingdom last year. Not a huge incredible long shot like Mine that Bird or Giacomo, but a very lightly regarded winning horse. I don't see him throwing in a clunker, but he could get beat by a better horse or a horse having a better day.

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    I think morning-line favorite Bodemeister could still be favorite come post time.

    Yesterday, Mchael Matz announced that Union Rags will bypass the Preakness, so he will not be a factor.

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    he will be the favorite because he has won the derby.

    but for the Preakness Stakes, i think Bodemeister & Union Rags have great chances.

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    If Union Rags is in the field, he will get pounded down to 1/2 by post-time.....I'll Have Another was visually impressive in the stretch, because the front-runner was staggering to the wire like a drunk at 3 am who has no particular idea on the walking route back home.

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