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What is a computer programming portal and how do i access it?

I want to start programming things and im 14 and i have nothing else computer, related things to learn that im intrested in, ( i already know HTML, JAVA Script, Computer maintenance, Hardware upgrading/repairing.) Im just wondering where i could find this programming portal! And also, If there are any other comuter related things that you think would be interesting to me,... PLEASE LIST THEM!!!

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  • Leon
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    8 years ago
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    It isn't called a programming portal, they're called programming tutorials and programming books. You claim you know Javascript, and HTML, but if you really did, you'd know what a programming tutorial is.

    Anyways, you can find a C++ tutorial at:

    (My first language was C++, may or may not be recommended)

    You can learn Python from:

    (A favorite first language)

    You can learn HTML from:

    (HTML is not a programming language.)

    You can learn Javascript from:

    Learning programming is all about reading and learning the logic. Don't just copy paste code and call yourself a programmer, actually type code from tutorials. Have fun learning your first language!

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