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If evolution is real why haven't other animals evolved to capitalism and started to sell goods and services?

Perhaps the green movement is discouraging these "Endangered species" from working like the rest of us?, i would totally buy drinks from a giraffe but i have yet to see any such service.

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    9 years ago
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    Wait for a little bit. Someone is bound to tell ya that there is some animal that does it. Also, the giraffe union prohibits them from selling alcohol. They usually do telemarketing. FYI....

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    ok to answer this, the point of evolution is to stay alive, some animals stay alive through brute force, or speed. but humans are very weak slow clumsy animals, so evolution took us down the path of intelligance. it is our brains and our social coopertivness that allowed humans to stay alive. in fact, I would forsee that evolution would eventually make us the only non domesticated species on this planet if there were no animal rights activists. Evolution states, that the species that are not best fit for survival will die, and that is why the human race is growing while almost all other animal species counts are shrinking, it is evolution slowly working. the only animals species that are also growing are ones that serve are purposes, such as cows and chickens. and this is a domesticated species.

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    your either a retarded 7 year old or really stoned

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    God created you, why, I don't know. You don't seem to be productive either.

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