Butchery Knives Choice?

This Saturday I start my new job as an apprentice butcher. I was supplied a uniform and what not, but they said I have to buy my own knives. My budget is about $600. Which set knives and which cleaver do you recommend?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Knives are personal. It needs to feel good in your hand. A brand will not be the best of choice. Go to a really good knife shop - no JC Penney's ore even Macy's and get a feel for how the knives feel in your hands. 600 is not a lot, but a decent cleaver, chef knife, fillet knife and any knife you think will work for your kind of meat would be good. Don't ignore a paring knife or serrated bread knife.

    Do not get lazy on this one. This is your livelihood.

    I am a woman and man sized utensils don't work for me. I have a mix of a weird Swiss brand - lovely weight, Chicago cutlery, a couple of Henkels, a Joyce Chen cleaver and some really nice quality knives that are really old but still cut great. My husband bought me a professional knife sharpener a couple years back that keeps them all honed.

  • 8 years ago

    I don't know what they require - but I like my Victorinox regular kitchen knives so :


    I was surprised at the low cost - no high prices like trendy celebrity knives. Don't forget the cut-resistant gloves.

    And good luck.

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