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Christians: How Do You Feel Obama Supports Same-Sex Marriage?

Barack Obama has become the first President in US history to unequivocally support gay marriage.

His decision has been both welcomed by gay rights groups and attacked by political opponents, heralding the start of a fight on the polarising issue ahead of the 2012 elections.

Mr Obama has always stopped short of explicitly endorsing gay marriage, often explaining that his views on the subject were "evolving".

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    It's an attempt at slandering. Just like the "He was born in Kenya" or "He's a Muslim" things.

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    . This proves that Obama is no Christian, he never was. He used the title "Christian" to deceive the voters into voting for him. Pretty sad day in American History if you ask me. "first President in US history to unequivocally support gay marriage" is not something to be praised, it should be looked down upon in shame. Whats next? A Federal Law demanding we accept and allow gay marriage in every state? God help us all.

    Demanding "tolerance" of homosexual behavior is basically just another way of saying "We don't agree with your beliefs, you are full of hate and must be silenced, besides it will eventually be accepted and theres nothing you can do about it so shut up and deal with it"

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    Well from discussions with other christians and scriptual evidence I'm not suprised I believe obama is either the anti christ or pathing the way

    I will not take your mark beast obama!

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    Who cares what the so called christians think. The racist homophobic american christians. They will go to hell anyways. They do not follow Christ teaching and they hate about everything Jesus taught. For that reason they will burn in HELL. So I do not care what they think and God bless the President.

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    9 years ago

    We clearly don't have our priorities in order when gay marriage is a "major" issue.

  • I honestly could care less.

    I live in Canada, it's been legal here for ages.

    It doesn't hurt my life in any way.

    I have enough problems in life to be worrying about issues that have no effect on my life on any level.

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    I'm not surprised. I didn't believe him four years ago when he claimed he was "not in favor of gay marriage."

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    I'm registering to vote... him out.

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