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My speakers aren't working correctly?

I recently acquired some speakers that have a sub woofer, and when I plugged them and used Realtek HD Audio manager, everything sounded great. But when I went to Spotify and YouTube to actually use the speakers, they weren't playing any audio. When I went into the speaker settings and adjusted my settings so that I enable bass management, I could very, very faintly hear the audio coming through. So, any ideas on how to get my speakers working properly?

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    Make sure your speakers are connected to the green output on the computer. (not blue, they look the same in bad light)

    Right click the speaker icon and go to the playback devices. Make sure the realtek HD AUDIO is enabled, has a green tick on it and is setup as the default device.

    If you have one of the new video cards installed with HDMI Audio out you may have two devices in the playback settings. This could be NVIDIA or AMD make sure both of these are NOT enabled as the default device.

    Come out of those settings, open up a web page and start youtube going with sound. Now left click the speaker, click "mixer" and move all the sliders to maximum. (check this with spotify running also)

    If no good reboot the computer and try again.

    Lastly re-install your audio drivers.

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