How to lose a dress size in a week?

How can I accomplish this?



Yeah, I'm worried that my prom dress is going to be a little snug.

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    Some tips:

    --Don't completely eliminate fats. They can help keep appetite down.

    --Drink plenty of water

    --Carbs will make you tired. Avoid them before exercise.

    --Try to exercise in the morning/early afternoon if you can. Exercising near bedtime can affect your sleeping. Exercising earlier will give your heartbeat time to slow down. Also, it'll give you a better night's rest. Meaning, you'll have more energy the next day.

    --Breakfast gives an initial boost to your metabolism. It's crucial you have breakfast, because it can actually really help with energy throughout the day and produce better results for your goal.

    --Don't weigh yourself. If you're exercising, you may be gaining weight because you're gaining more muscle. Seeing what you weigh every day can deter you from your goal.

    --If you starve yourself throughout your diet, you can actually gain more weight. You'll lose muscle fat (what you want) because your body will burn muscle fat to keep your energy going. Your body will store the other stuff you're eating as long as it can. Which is where the weight gain comes in.


    --Standing burns calories. Little things from the time it takes to put on make-up in front of the mirror to doing dishes in the kitchen can help you with your goal. Not by tons of course, but it's worthy of mentioning. Good posture throughout all of your daily activities takes a little more energy and therefore burns more calories.

    --Don't count calories. Listen to your stomach. If you are hungry, eat. Just sway from getting *full* from anything.

    Good luck! =) Don't stress yourself too much over this too~

  • 9 years ago

    If we're talking short term weight loss, just to say fit into a special dress for an event then you could water fast. Nothing will make you lose weight faster, but a lot of the weight shed is water that you're carrying around and undigested food. So while some of the weight stays off, if you go straight back into the typical salt laden diet you will put most of it back on.

    If we're talking long term weight-loss, your goal is unrealistic. It is far better to lose weight slower than to end up with metabolic slow-down/muscle wasting. When you starve yourself, it doesn't stop you from losing weight. That is for the most part, a myth. Although the metabolism slows, you will still be consuming far less calories than even your BMR so you do lose weight. What people don't realise is, that when you stop starving yourself, that's when the metabolic slow down causes problems as it takes time for the metabolism to recover.

    Now, what diet would be good for you depends on what your eating habits are like. I personally usually recommend Eat to Live or Alternate Day Fasting. Eat to Live imho, is the healthiest thing you can do for your body. Alternate Day Fasting cuts your calorie intake basically in half without causing metabolic slowing (it takes more than 24 hours for your metabolism to slow). There are plenty of other diets you might try though. It doesn't really matter what you do, as long as you are eating less calories than you are burning, you will lose weight.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    excercise more, eat healthy foods only, don't fast, cut fatty foos

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