Wwe Lita / Amy Dumas?

Ok so for school we had to read a book about someone and give an oral presentation in front of the class... so I decided to do mine on Amy Dumas book: Lita a less traveled road.

Additional to the oral presentation I have to bring: 3 items that represent My character

3 items that represent the settings of the book

Andddd 2 items that represent the theme of the book.

So what I have so far for the character is: a picture of her( it is her! So that represents her obviously) red hair dye( because she stood out so much from all the other girls in the wwe) and idk for the last item

For the settings I have a map( because she traveled around the country so much) a wwe logo( because she was with wwe for so long) and idk for the last setting?

For the theme my teacher told me its man vs man( because wrestling is a contact sport) so I'm bringing a picture of Lita vs Trish... and I need help for the other one

So yeahh any help would be nice... I have to have the stuff by tomorrow BTW

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    You should bring in an autographed picture that she signed which is on the internet pictures.

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