"Edge LED Backlight" OR "Normal LCD"?

I'm going to buy a new TV set, but I'm confused which to buy ?

Now I've two to choose from, but i don't know which is better

Toshiba 32PS10E >>> LED HD Ready


Samsung LA32D550 >>> LCD Full HD

Searching the net I knew that in 32" LCD it will not be a big deal to be Full HD or HD Ready, it matters only in 40" and larger.

In this LED TV it's "Edge LED Backlight" & I read that this type of LED is not good.

So, which is better this Edge LED Backlight or normal LCD ???

I'm very confused of this point

Could you please help me to choose one of these two, and please say why.


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  • Joe G
    Lv 6
    8 years ago
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    The difference is the way the tv uses backlighting to project the image 1st it was edge lit to help shrink the thickness of the set led edge light has leds around the edge always on.And newer and able to recreate much better blacks by turning backlight on and off is local micro dimming full array thats best as its cpu controlled to turn on & off back light in a millisecond for greater colors and controlled blacks & whites or brightness.Lcd is the same panel as both but uses a ccfl cold cathode light in back and is constant on and tends to be thicker.Also lcd suffers from banding and halo,edge lit has line bleed from edges and the newest and best and becoming the standard is micro dimming full array led.The bestt new LEds are full led backlight.Sorry I am at work and typing as fast as I can sorry if grammar is bad.

    Source(s): JA AV Tech repair ledreviews.com and google led technology I do this every day.
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  • 8 years ago

    Joe Gs answer was the right one and samsung is better but Plasma is best and led is good but more expensive and the other answerer keeps talking about oled there arent any oleds out yet.Late 2012 samsung and LG are bringing oled to 55 and larger, first time for consumer level tvs over 15 inches and it was an older sony 15 inch oled that cost about 5k! Right now the full led is best but the toshiba is not as good thats why a full led samsung would cost more.

    Source(s): Bd repairing tvs and pcs forever. Get the best tv you can afford traditionally toshiba and sony has gone down in quality,who knows about the future but now samsung and panasonic are highest rated as Joeg said.
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  • Rich
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    In a short answer.... Samsung..! Excellent brand, reviews and ratings....LED full HD Samsung is the way to go... or if you can afford it, plasma is even better with a very fast response time, and an extreme viewing angle like OLED...

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  • aidt
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    Samsung is good and very highly rated.

    Source(s): jy Google it.
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