I am starting to sway from being a libertarian?

I was a keen supporter of Libertarian thought but more I look closely it seems I have taken a good step left on some issues. I am not opposed to being in the United Nations nor am a apposed to being in NATO. I believe that anything that happens on Earth is one way another relevant to all people who live on earth. I like the idea of government owned parks and government payed services such as the fire department, police department, public roads, public works (within reason) I like the idea of a secure border between the United States and Mexico. I am not a keen supporter the FDA, but with a great deal of reform, I could support it. The FCC not for censorship but for securing air-wave rights. FAA for travel safety (never fully agreed with Ron Paul on this) I believe states should have almost unlimited power within their jurisdiction as long as they follow the Constitution.

To tell you the truth I a big Libertarian when it comes to Federal Issues but when it comes to States I am in the middle of a being Libertarian-progressive.

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    I dont think you are swaying that much. LIbertarians are strict constitutionalists. The constitution calls for promoting the general welfare, and what constitutes the general welfare is debatable.

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    8 years ago

    I agree with you.

    I am Libertarian when it comes to individual freedom and Constitutional Rights .

    But speaking for myself now - Compassionate use of our tax money as well as for Parks and the environment keeps me voting Liberal and often Democrat.

    Otherwise I would be a complete Libertarian concerning individual freedom

    - which does NOT include Corporations who ARE NOT People too

    but Institutions .

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Its sound to M'aiq you are a socialist, a libertarian socialist. Since libertarian was first used by a socialist I guess you are coming full circle. Too bad not many people have your mindset. Check out the work done by Noam Chomsky I think you will like his work the same as M'aiq.

    Source(s): M'aiq also thinks the federal government should have control over education. One state wanted to strip slavery from the history books! Without a solid and uniform education system the children from some states will have a better education then other. Some might have a completely backwards view of history.
  • Mark F
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    8 years ago

    There is plenty of room in the Libertarian tent for a wide variety of views.

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    8 years ago

    Good for you.

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