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Canadian working in Trinidad?

I am moving to Trinidad this year. I am a born Canadian citizen and will be getting married to my fiancé and applying for resident status in Trinidad as I have to wait 5 years for Trinidadian citizenship. To be able to work in Trinidad do I just need to be a resident? And do I need to do anything in Canada to show I am longer living in Canada? Thanks

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    I am not sure about the Trinidad aspect of it, but you will need to let the Canadian government know your residence when it comes to income tax time. As a Canadian citizen you have to pay taxes on your world income, You need to learn about the terms "deemed resident" and "deemed non resident" and "factual resident". It is complicated, but it affects how much tax you have to pay. I believe Canada has a tax treaty with Trinidad and Tobago, so even if Canada still chooses to consider you a "factual resident", you may be considered a "deemed non resident" for tax purposes. It took me a long time to figure all of this out when I needed to know it. It is not that complicated once you have taken it all in, but it can seem overwhelming when you are just starting the process. Check here.

    These links have information that may help you for your permanent residency in Trinidad.

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