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急!!!!英文高手請進 (翻譯簡單書信)


走廊長期放置雜物 管理處發現 貴戶於門口走廊長期放置一些鞋。此舉實有違大廈守則第11條之規定及有礙衛生環境。 大廈守則第11條規定「業主或住客均不可將任何雜物放置於公共地方,如大廈入口大堂、樓梯、通道、升降機大堂…….等。如於上述各地點發現任何雜物,管理處職員可無需提出警告而將其搬走,而物主更要繳付有關搬運所需之費用。……」 本處懇請 貴戶在此函發出後七天內把有關物件搬回 貴戶單位內,否則本處會安排清潔員工將物件搬走及棄掉,而不作另行通知。最後,本處重申將不會負責因物件被搬走及棄掉而引致的任何損失及賠償。

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    Corridor long-term placed the debris

    Management office to find that your household long-term put some shoes in the entrance corridor. The move is contrary to the provisions of Article 11 of the Code of Building and hinder sanitation and environment.

    Building 11 of the Code provides that "owners or tenants are not any debris placed in public places, such as building entrance lobby, stairs, passage, lift lobbies ... any debris found in these various locations, and the management staff without a warning can be removed by the owner to pay the handling fees .... "

    The Department to urge your household in this letter is issued within seven days to object to move back to your user units, the Department will arrange for the cleaning staff of the object moved away and discarded without further notice. Finally, the Department reiterated that it will not be responsible for any losses and damages caused by the object had been removed and discarded.

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