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Telephone conversation

如果我想問人地打電話嚟搵陳生有關乜事, 可以點樣講? (英文)



人地打電話搵陳生, 我想問來電者搵陳生乜事? 要點樣講?

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    Telephone conversation

    人地打電話搵陳生: May I speak to Mr Chan please?


    陳生唔喺度, Mr Chan is not available.

    搵陳生乜事? What is it about (that you want to speak to Mr Chan)?

    我可以幫你嗎? Can I help you?

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    You Want To Speak To Mr Chan

    May I Have Your Full Name Please ?

    Mine Is Mr Yam Dok Chee....

    Call From Hongkong

    Like Speaking With Mr Chan About CEPA 2012

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