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(SkateBoard)My abec 7 teenish bearings won't fit on to my new spitfire classic 55mm wheels :(?

My bearings won't go in some times one goes in and the other doesn't it the bearing doesn't go all the way in and I can't tightin the skateboard nut the wheels I just bought 3 days ago

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    Find someone who can give it a bit more muscle. You can also go to the shop where you bought the bearings and use a bearing press.

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  • 3 years ago

    Your whee;s would desire to be staggering. Rain would not harm urethane. Inline skates use an identical bearings as skateboards, so head to the closest skateboard shop and %.. up a %... in case you have 4 wheels consistent with skate, you decide on 2 packs. Bones Reds are much less high priced and are a reliable performer.

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