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I am seriously damaged?

I have a problem. I was molested by my cousin when I was 8 and ever since I've been hyper sexualized. I'm 18 now, and have had numerous sexual partners and I wouldn't like to disclose the number. I've taken several virginity's and used guys for sex. I'm completely screwed up it's like I don't know how to act in a relationship other than having sex. So emotionally I'm completely drained and feel broken inside. I was never labeled the town slut and not many people would probably guess..I'm in college now getting a prestigious degree in law, from the "perfect" family and I look like the girl the next door that has no problems. Now I'm in a real long term relationship and sex is so painful between my boyfriend and I. I am afraid it's mental. i've been checked for STD's and UTI's and other illnesses and I check out completely.

If you want to skip the background my question is this:

Where can I seek counseling services outside of my college? I don't have a health care plan so I don't have health insurance. I'd rather have my own private counselor that I don't have to disclose or let out to my family. Is there any programs I can get on at 18 if I'm not sick to get mental health care?

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    To answer your non question about the long term relationship, YES, you are right. Your hypersexuality was a way to stay in control and get some kind of feeling of closeness without being emotionally vulnerable Now you are in a long term relationship, all the pain , the inabilities to trust and to attach to someone , and mostly the old left over unresolved trauma and sexual abuse is now raising its ugly head to be dealt with.

    The good news is there is now a great method , accepted by the american psychological association, that removes, resolves, dissolves this kind of pain and trauma quickly and can get you to move forward far faster than any traditional therapy, or you could find a way to combine the two.

    Here are the resouces you need. There IS a free self help version of it and I know there is a video of a young woman who actually healed her self from a similar childhood and abuse, in a few months, she just wrote down everything that happened , everything she felt and feels, and just everything, and applied it to all of it. Her video is at the free self help site , click o n'get started free', and there is also a free summit going on righ tnow, so you can see the pros at work, and learn more. , or a list of the pros at Someone may know of a student in training that would be able tohelp you for free, so you could ask each person and find out. There is a version of this method where you don't even have to tell them what it is that you are working on, and it still works, you will understand if you read the site and look at 'resources' also.

    So, that is the best thing I know of to help you , and for free.

    There is a free healing list at an authentic healer also, and free montly sessions for healing and clearing out pain or anything you want to work on, even getting more money.

    best wishes, just know you can actually heal from this, and if at some point you just need professional help, I would work with one of the EFT masters, and perhaps learn more about your sexual activity and why you did that, but I think you have good insight into to some degree anyway.

    best wishes

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    The services of the school psychologist are covered in your tuition.

    You can get a peer coounselor free at :

    I think you've mixed love into the otherwise normal sexual/relationship equation you've had in the past. Involving love changes the dynamics for you, you're no longer in charge, and you feel vulnerable - since this is a true partnership.

    You can also go to the County Assistance Office and apply for food stamps and a medical card, or call and have it mailed to you. You have to have one to qualify for the other - and you can't be covered under parental insurance. If one of your parents is claiming you on their income tax this year, you may not be eligible this year. Different states have different rules.

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    Just talk to your parents I'm guessing they don't know you were molested

    To answer your question

    You subcontiously take advantage of guys because you had the same thing happen to you you just need to slow down and talk to someone or just write it out anything to releave the stress to find a counselor go to the one at your school don't just come out and say you were molested build a relationship with them until you trust them hope I helped

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