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While job hunting, do I have to "check yes" if the crime I committed was in another state?

I have recently moved to a new state. I have a felony in PA from a few years back. The types of jobs I'm applying for are mostly factory/warehouse work. I know back in PA whenever I had a background check run, it was from the state police. I was wondering if these types of jobs would only run a state check. Compared to like, nursing or teaching, which I would expect an FBI check. I'd appreciate any help from someone who might have gone through this.

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    The STATE check runs your conviction history - not simply your STATE conviction history. The company sends the background request to their state's police department who has a few employees who enter the relevant information into a database. Nurses, teachers, law enforcement officers, social workers, etc. all have THEIR information sent to the exact same people - but for these folks, the state police will also run an NCIC check (which provides a record of every single past arrest - not just the convictions.)

    Nobody EVER does an FBI check unless you are applying for a security clearance (i.e. for a government job).

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    Absolutely. Criminal background check will find anything in any state, even if only run by the police of the state you are in. It doesn't take the FBI to find convictions in another state.

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    Most employers, exception i.e. state, city, federal, child care etc, simply perform a basic criminal background check for the state they live in or possibly the surrounding states. Secondly sometimes HR, based upon your length of residency in a new state, will based upon i.e. degrees, # of years in prior state, if you listed any jobs in previous state etc. will add that state to the background request.

    You do stand a better chance, not major companies, applying to factory or warehouse work but remember there are never any guarantees. In Florida it is compulsory for an employer to conduct a a federal or check all US states relative to prospective employees.

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    you're below the guidelines of the region you're status in, no count if it rather is yet another state or yet another usa. In some situations, you're additionally below the guidelines of the place you reside.

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