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For black Americans only please?

Will you vote for Obama this time just because he's black?


I'm a 44 year old black male who voted for Obama in 08. I was fooled by a slick talking politician, and also voted for him because he is black. Big mistake I won't repeat. Please don't get fooled again people.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I don't blame you. Unemployment is way too high, gas prices are out of control, food prices continue to rise, and the overall pulse of the country is DOA. In a company, the CEO is either doing the job or s/he isn't. In this case, as CEO of the USA, Obama isn't getting it done. Time to find a new CEO.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If you only voted for Obama just because he's Black, then that's on you. You need to look at all of the stances of a politician before voting for him or her, not just their skin color. However, there are many people who have voted AGAINST him just because he's Black, as seen in this video:

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    One reason why I am voting for Obama is because he is the only viable non-Republican candidate, and the alternatives are worse IMO for someone who is non-White and/or non-wealthy. For instance, we have Ron Paul. While I like his stance on 420, it makes me uncomfortable hearing about his endorsements from Stormfront and Neo-Nazis, and also those bigoted newsletters of his. A number of his supporters claim he didn't write them, but even if that were true, that only gives the impression that he is negligent with anything he has control over, considering they were printed under his name. And Paul said he favors "freedom-based discrimination", which in a nutshell means that any business would be free to refuse anyone service for whatever reason:

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    As for Willard M. Romney, he said he favors the Paul Ryan plan, which would make huge cuts to social programs that help the working class, such as social security, medicare, food stamps, and welfare. He also opposes the Dream Act, a bill that would aid undocumented young people and is heavily supported by the Latino community.

    Both Romney and Paul want to make cuts to social programs and lower taxes for the top 1% of income earners, thus essentially balancing the economy on the backs of the working class. That is not the way to go if we want to get everybody back on their feet again. We tried tax cuts for the rich and cutting social programs, and it has not worked.

    Now on to reason number two for why I will vote for Obama. I think that he sincerely has been working hard and has made quite a few notable accomplishments in spite of a Republican Congress who vowed to ruin his re-election chances:

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    Here are some of Obama's accomplishments:

    America is recovering steadily, so why change course?

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