Step by Step for a TWIST OUT/BRAID OUT?

Hi. Well, I have recently decided to QUIT RELAXERS and work my way to my hair is very badly damaged. Currently, I have braids (kinky twists), because I’m trying to let my hair grow a little. Well, I want to try the twist out/braid out/curly look… I have been looking over the internet and reading up on it, but of course, everybody has a different way.

Is there anyone who could give me their step by step routine of washing, conditioning, twisting/braiding, etc also along with their products (whatever oil you use, setting lotion, lock gel, etc)?

I understand that things work differently for everyone, but it would really help if to start out, I could maybe follow someone’s regimen instead of reading up on everybody else’s and mixing products.

My hair is just…horrible right now, and I would really love that nice curly look…so if anybody could help me, I would be truly grateful.

Twist out or braid out doesn’t matter (just don’t know if I should do a dry twist out or wet…any suggestions? I don’t want my hair to spring up and look really short.)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Congratulations on your decision to go natural! :)


    For a twist out you should first start with clean hair, meaning

    shampoo and condition your hair before you start those twists.

    It is good if your hair is completely natural and with no relaxer in it,

    twist outs work best on your natural hair texture.

    However, after you have shampooed and conditioned your hair

    then use a small amount/ light layer of olive oil to coat your hair and seal in moisture.

    A good measure is using a U.S. coin size of a quarter to dime. (25 cents or less or an amount)

    Next begin to part your hair into small sections either with a big tooth comb/ medium size comb/ or your fingers.

    And twist your hair in whatever size twists you desire.

    The parts don't need to be perfect unless you want them to.

    You could let your hair air dry or use a hair dryer once you are done.

    You could probably keep the twists in for some hours before releasing them so

    that you can have a nice curly/wavy pattern. :)

  • 4 years ago

    as quickly as I do a french twist what I do is this assemble each and every of the hair as though to make a ponytail on the nape of my neck. Twist this and fold the twisted hair upwards and lay it against my head Then on the best end fold the hair it extremely is longer down next to the roll and fold the hair from the roll over the folded down hair and then use hairpins to maintain this over the folded down hair. you would be able to additionally use a grip to hold it in place in case you needed in spite of the fact that it does not look as formal i desire it extremely is obvious adequate and you get it best. it extremely is extra undemanding telling than doing yet solid success perseverance is properly well worth the look. Very stylish

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