What's on your bucket list?

what do you plan on doing before you die? so far I have:

-go on the Nevis swing in new Zealand

-live in England

-flash mob graduation

-flash mob wedding (can look up on youtube)

-kiss in the rain

-sky dive

-scuba dive

-star in a commercial

-get married

-have kids

-visit and live in another country

-open a bakery

-go to a nevershoutnever concert

-write my name in wet concrete

-feel beautiful for more than an hour (check)

-go bungy jumping

-go on a zip line

-star in a flash mob (I really love flash mobs haha)

-flash a really cute guy I'll never see again

-go to a movie theater just for cuddling (link here: http://imgur.com/gallery/ASOoC )

-travel the world

-go to a really good Broadway show

-use a Ouija board

-visit the graves of the band members of Queen

-put a love lock on a fence (link here: http://lovelocksonline.com/ )

So far that's all I've got, what about you?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ohhh the nevis arc on the south island of new zealand is the funnest swing you will ever go on ! It is an amazing experience and you meet so many lovely people there.. you can get your video and photos of your swing and keep the most amazing memories.. twas one of my favourite memories from new zealand :) also you should definitely try the skippers canyon jet (its like the shotover jet but higher up in the canyons so is a bigger thrill)

    backpack overseas

    be apart of flash mob

    see flash mob in action (or not in action ;) )

    fly first class

    get a fully done up car

    sky dive

    travel italy france england spain greek islands new york london and such :)

    go to more concerts

    kiss a cute boy I wont see again (check.. although we swapped numbers.. oops haha :) )

    scuba dive (yaay this will happen this year for sure so excited)

    watch a broadway show

    begin modelling

    become friends with a stranger of opposite sex (done.. he is the sweetest cutest boy going)

    get a spanish penpal (to practise my spanish with)

    get a penpal from overseas

    and manymany more that I might keep to myself ahaha

    goodluck with your bucketlist :)

  • ron-D
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    9 years ago

    Fly to another country first class

    there are others, but I'll keep them to myself.

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