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advantages/disadvantages of dual swords/single swords in a real life sword fight?


*single sword

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    Two swords can parry two attacks at once, so it's good for either if you are up close to an opponent that has a longer weapon, like a spear or great sword, or if two or more people are attacking you at once.

    Two swords is also twice as complicated as single sword, because it requires ambidexterous coordination and mental perception.

    A lot of people are very slow while using two swords because their brains or bodies can't catch up.

    The common route to take was to use a short sword or short range stabs and deflections, with the primary focus on one's main hand long sword.

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    Personally l practice Italian rapier and there are techniques for sword and dagger, shield, and second sword. I have not done much dual sword work but the theory is simple and intuitive: focus use with your dominant hand sword and use the second one to keep your opponent off balance. With two thrusting swords, thrusting your second sword while your opponent parries your first will keep them off guard; I've been on both ends of this. On the flipside, a second sword will slow you down and encumber you, even marginally. It also makes it harder to fight corps a corps but no respectable duel will require or allow that (physically attacking your opponent with the pommel or with a grapple, kick or punch). In real situations, a free hand does mean you can bat or grab your opponents blade for an advantage (and such techniques are likewise documented). In conclusion two swords is a viable technique but the best swordsman will win no matter which end of that engagement they're on.

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  • 8 years ago

    it depends on the type of sword you are using and training to make either method effective. I use duel katanas or duel shinai or bokken. you can both attack and defend with duel swords however you got to pay attention and be aware quite a bit more when using dual swords then single swords. plus weight and other factors to take into account. when i use dual swords i like them both the same length it is easier plus you don't have to counter balance the weight if they weigh the same.

    Single swords can be easier because you can easily steady them using both hands on a single blade.

    you can also put more power into a strike with a single sword rather then dual swords unless you have your own method to be greater or equal to the strike of a single sword.

    Standard method when using dual swords is using one blade longer and the other shorter however you can have both blades the same length and same weight it all depends on training and your own body.

    Another thing with dual swords and single swords is how you hold the blades and how you draw them you got to figure that one out because each person can develop their own style with that.

    You won't see sword fights that often besides reenactments,tournaments with safer blades, live shows with professionals doing it.

    Source(s): 16 years of martial arts experience Physically, Spiritually, Knowledge wise (since 1996)
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