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world war one nurses aid information'?

i'm doing a project in american cultures and i need some help writing my essay for world war one nurses aid information.

hellpp k thanks :)

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    The Nurses

    One of the least publicized of all Army services is the Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps, which has given 100 years of dedicated work to caring for Australian servicemen in times of war and its aftermath.

    The history of the Corps dates back to 1898 when a small nursing service was formed in Sydney. It consisted of one Lady Superintendent and twenty four nurses. The first actual service of nurses was during the Boer War (1898-1903).

    When war broke out in 1914, the Australian Government raised the first Australian Imperial Force for overseas service. The nurses to staff the medical units, which formed an integral part of the AIF, were recruited from the Australian Army Nursing Service Reserve and from the civil nursing profession.

    Senior Officers were more inclined to have trained male soldiers in preference to female nurses. Major General Howse (Director of Medical Services) has been quoted as saying that “the female nurse (as a substitute for the fully trained male nursing orderly) did little toward the actual saving of life in war... although she might promote a more rapid and complete recovery”. General Howse was speaking at a time when the contribution of the Nursing Service to the treatment of the wounded soldiers, at an early stage, had yet to be recognized by the Australian authorities.

    The first draft of Sisters in the Australian Army Nursing Services (AANS) left Australia in September 1914; and throughout the war, the Nursing Service served wherever Australian troops were sent, and numerous other countries besides these. Most also served in British hospitals in various theatres of war.

    They served in places such as Burma, India, The Persian Gulf, Egypt, Greece, Italy, France and England.

    The record of service for these Sisters is a brilliant one, and one which set a very high standard for all who were to follow. The following statistics are noteworthy:

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