shot distance in JFK shooting?

anyone know how far ? seems hard to believe it was done with that crappy 30 dollar Italian gun


should be in shooting QA

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    9 years ago
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    Well within range. Don't make the mistake of thinking that surplus military rifles are inaccurate just because they're plentiful and cheap. Bolt action rifles are fairly accurate and have been so since the late 1800s. Although accuracy varies, it's only of interest to target shooters. There's a saying about WW2 weapons that Americans made the best target rifles, Germans made the best hunting rifles and the British made the best battle weapons (less accurate but more rugged and reliable). Italians have a long tradition of fine firearm manufacture. Ever hear of Beretta?

    There were at least three shots fired in the JFK assassination into human-sized targets, not paper bulls-eyes. The range was 265 feet. 100 yards isn't a hard shot. The rifle had a telescopic sight.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Oh, great. Another wacko conspiracy theorist who forgot to take his anti-psychotic meds this morning.

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