My girlfriend misunderstood what i meant to say. I mentioned an actress and now she's gone bezerk on me..?

For reference:;_ylt=Asn8O...

You don't really have to see it though.

Before i start, we had a little conversation about 'fantasy' hook ups or whatever. We were only pretending, and i believe she still think it's serious.

I'll try to quote our conversation:

Her: "I know why you wanna watch the avengers."

Me: "Ah, why do I?

Her: "Scarlett."

Me: "No way, i want to watch for the hulk and captain america."

Her: "Yeah right."

Me: "But i don't even want to watch it for her, it's an action movie.."


Me: "Why are you mentioning her? I don't even love her, we were pretending that day. And it's an action movie, i want to watch the action."

Her: "You fancy her."

Me: "im not a perv. I don't, i said that name because you asked me to, and i didn't know who else to choose. I like ellen page better (THIS is where i technically screwed up in innocence). Because she seems decent, scarlett doesn't."

Her: "gtfo you know. You're like everyone else. Go fap over her pic."

Me: "if i said i didn't like scarlett, would you believe me? Ellen page is a brilliant actor, i like her acting, what's wrong with that?"

Her: "i don't want you."

Me: "You chose ian somerhaulder, you commented on his body, did i get jealous or wanted to dump you?"

Her: "You just confirmed what i thought. Because i was kidding, you didn't. And you added some ellen to your list, dare even telling me."

Me: "Ellen is an actor, good lord! Why would i love some Ellen who i dont even know? I don't base my love on looks, i like her acting that's all. And if you love me, cant you trust me?"

Her: "i don't feel like talking to you right now sorry." (then leaves me)

I sent her over a dozen texts, voice mails etc. She's acting like i don't even love her, after all the things i did for her. Any other fake guy would have taken this opportunity and left her.

We've fought countless times, i stood by her side, i NEVER left her, or never did anything to deliberately hurt her. And she still thinks that i'm some random fake piece of ****?

Can anyone help me out on how to actually convince her?

To be quite honest. When she shouted out scarletts name, i felt this was going to turn into a 'dumping' type situation. Ellen page, being a seemingly decent character, i mentioned her so she would feel like i don't like the stereotypical 'sluttly scarlett' and that i would prefer a decent person over her.

I CAN'T explain myself, honestly, it's a total misunderstanding! It hurts the heck out of me to know we're doing this over a misunderstanding!


What i actually meant by the looks thing was that, no matter how pretty another girl may be, i would never fall for them. Sometimes guys screw up, but women are so damn complicated sometimes. It's not our fault really. Can't you guys see it when the guy actually crumbles before you during a similar scene?

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  • 8 years ago
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    No girl likes when her bf praises another female, she wanted to hear that you like her better than any actresses. She doesn't care about reasons why you like one actress better than the other, I don't advise telling something more about that. I think you need to make her feel that she's number one for you and forget all about this incident.

    Added: "no matter how pretty another girl may be, i would never fall for them." - Words can be deceiving, it's good enough if you prove it in actions.

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  • 8 years ago

    As a girl, the only thing from the convo that I saw that could have possibly upset me was when you said "I don't base my love on looks"

    maybe that didn't bother her, but if it were me I'd be like wait now, does that mean you don't think I have good looks?!

    Or maybe she was just kind of looking for a fight for the drama of it. I would just give her some space and time to realize she is probably over-reacting.

    However, if you tell her she is over-reacting, it might make things worse. Try to let her come to that conclusion on her own if you can.

    Good luck! I'm sure it will all be just fine. She was probably just feeling insecure and wanted you to say you could only ever want her or something. It'll be okay! Just apologize and that's all you can do.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Ultimately, she doesn't want to know that she's the prettiest. She wants to know that she's the only one.

    She thinks you like Scarlett Johansson for her body, not her acting. Because Scarlett is so popular among guys these days, and all of them talk about wanting to bang her and what not. Your girlfriend probably thinks you'd want to bang her.

    Sure, you might think she's pretty. But just.....don't tell your girlfriend that. She wants to be the only one you have eyes for.

    Edit: your girlfriend should, instead of attacking you, talk out her feelings in a civilized manner. Tell you WHY she's mad. Because anger is just a way of covering up insecurity most of the time. It's easier to talk to someone when they're sad then when they're screaming at you. Don't tell her I said that though.

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  • 8 years ago

    Why are you dissing scarlet Johnson wtf did she do to you i know your gf sounds abit crazy but maybe dont bring anymore women into this and just say i love you for you mind body and soul something like that i guess just say you love her not some random actress jesus how doesnt she know this its not like your in love with Scarlet

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  • Brown
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    8 years ago

    Holy damn grow a pair and kick that ***** to the curb what the hell is wrong with you???

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