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Anonymous asked in 科學及數學化學 · 9 years ago

F.2 science

What can you say about the pH value of the dilute hydrochoric acid used in boiling soft drink experiment.

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  • 9 years ago
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    okey.....i am sure that i can help you.

    Firist, we have to understant what are the reason that make soft drinks with gas bubble coming out.

    It is Caron dioxide(CO2) .

    i need to tell you that when CO2 react with water, it will form acid.

    Since you are just Form 2, you dont have to know that it will form carbonic acid (H2CO3). H2O+ CO2-> H2CO3

    (for referance only)

    Basically, the present of carbon dioxide give a acidic nature to the soft drink.

    IF we boil the soft drink, this will speed up the excaping of CO2 inside the soft drink.

    This will make the soft drink become less acidic due to the excaping of CO2

    2012-05-08 21:11:16 補充:

    Which means the pH value of the soft drink will become more higher. (tends to become nuture)

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