Girlfriend making extremely lame 'excuses' to leave me? If anyone can actually understand this girl..?

I seriously make her laugh, i'm kind, i'm nice, i never lash out or show an aggressive tendency, i'm not even boring, i'm fun loving. YET, i see her facebook account logins, and i see a login from a different country from a pc device using firefox.

Anyway, so she has changed so much over the past year. She's secretly thought of dumping me because she doesn't 'want another man, wants to be alone'. Not 'ready for a relationship' She's 18, im 19.

We keep fighting over senseless stuff (actually she)

If im studying all day, and i dont go online on my cell and 'stay' there, then that's an issue for her.

If i make a comment on ellen page or scarlett johannson, that's a HUGE problem for her.

She goes like 'you DARE to mention them in front of me?" i'm REALLY puzzled by that behavior. And this is what our recent fight is about.

How do i convince her that i don't like them more than an actress? I can't i suppose.

She made a comment on ian somerhaulder a few times before, i mentioned that during the argument, she's like 'i was joking, you weren't, and now you've only confirmed my thoughts.'

Seriously, omg?

She was dumping me over the 'not coming online' issue a week ago, and i asked her if she loved me truly, she said yes. Took me 2 hours to convince her to not do this, since it's her 'true love', get it? Is this a joke to her?

She went almost bare naked out of the house, she says there's no one around. I ask her for an mms so i'd know. Didn't send. These little lies, you see?

Made an excuse that i dont love her once. Argued till 5am, i had an asthma attack. We became friends only then. Couple of days later, she didnt want to be friends. Took me a long time to convince again, became lovers, but still not the same.

I just want to know how to convince her that this scarlett **** is actually a pathetic piece of mf garbage?

I am really angered at her now, i just somehow control it anyway.


And during the scarlett conversation:

"you fancy her! You're just like everyone else! I don't want you!"

Me: "remember how you told me you fancied ian somerhaulder? I didn't get angry at you."

Her: "i was kidding, and you aren't. And you added some ellen to your list, dare even telling me. You just confirmed what i thought!" I dont feel like talking to you right now sorry."

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    She loves you. She feels like you don't love her. She feels like if you loved her, you wouldn't have eyes for other women, thus, would not mention Scarlett Johannesburg.

    How did you feel when she made the comment on Ian Somersault?

    Joking aside. A lot of girls (myself included) don't really care about the whole "she's pretty, but you're prettier." Because to us, that's basically telling us that you think other girls are pretty. I'm not saying you shouldn't, but it hurts knowing you're not the only one your boyfriend finds attractive. Take that as you will, but it came from me and it came from your own girlfriend so you need to accept the fact that some girls are just like that. We don't want to be the prettiest girl. We want to be the ONLY girl. Your girlfriend and I share that in common. So, don't mention Ellen Page and the world "beautiful" in the same sentence. You know what I'm saying?

    She mentioned Ian Somerwhatever because she wanted to see if you'd get jealous. In her mind, your ideal reaction would have been "hey, don't tell me Ian Somerhaulder is hot. I'm your boyfriend, I don't want to hear that." Because that would make her feel like she had a ligit right for getting upset when you mentioned Scarlett Johannson and Ellen Page.

    This is just assuming you actually implied that either of those women were attractive. If you just mentioned them, nothing about their appearance, then I think your girl is overreacting. Like if you just said "oh yeah, let's watch Inception tonight. The one with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page" and she flipped out, THAT is an overreaction. But if you said "Ellen Page is hot/pretty/beautiful" or "she's gorgeous, got a body like Scarlett Johannson" and she flipped out.....well that's actually more common than you realize. Girls don't want to hear about other girls you find attractive EVER. Even if you say "but honey, you're prettier than Scarlett!" it doesn't matter.

    The dumping you over "not coming online" is bullshit. Which is why I think there's another reason she's not willing to talk to you about.

    The bare naked thing is just weird. And the mms, ask her about that.

    I understand that you aren't interested in pursuing a relationship with Scarlett Johansson. Your girlfriend probably thinks that if Scarlett walked through the door and asked you out, you'd say yes. Well would you? That's what's hurting her. The idea that she's not the only one.

    Now with her weird mms bare naked leaving house thing....that gives you a legit reason to be suspicious. Talk to her about it, and tell her it makes you feel bad. Don't get mad, cause she won't want to explain herself to an angry guy and nothing will get resolved from that now. Just talk to her in a calm way, say something like "baby, that made me feel bad." because girls pick up on the word "feel" don't we :p we do. Trust me.

    She doesn't want another man. If she did, she wouldn't be wasting her time with you. She wants you, but she wants to feel like the only girl in the world. So if you call celebrities attractive when she's around, she's going to get butt hurt. I mean I would. If you never did imply that those other women were attractive, then I don't know why she's so upset.

    Ask her if you can see her phone. If she doesn't let you, ask her if she's hiding something from you. If she accuses you, tell her this: "if you truly have nothing to hide, why won't you let me see?"

    Source(s): in a relationship too
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    RUN RUN RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN, trust me i dated a girl like that. not good at all, its never going to come right or get better,my ex and i only became normal after 2 years of being apart, no we good friends but nothing more, the best thing i did was to let her go. now i found someone amazing. i know it hurts, but trust me, best thing to do it to walk away, say you love her, but this inst good for out lives. you only 19 she is 18 you still very young.

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    9 years ago

    Sounds like someone put sand on her tampons. You need to find something new in your life and let her be alone, She can fight her demons with her own ways and wants without having to make your life miserable. Learn a lesson from psycho sally and move on.

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    9 years ago

    im sorry buddy but it seems like she doesnt like u.. u seem like a really nice guy and stuff and thats why she cant break up with u but i can easliy tell u that she doesnt have the same feelings she once had for u and that its best to let her go, gd luck though ! :)

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