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Canada vs. USA. What is better?

Teens where would you like to live whene you are older and why. And have Ligt reasoning. Not just "cause"

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    That is hard for me, because my extended family lives there, while I have lived in the USA my entire life. I am 16 and both of my parents are Canadian. I would like to live mostly in the USA, but I would like to live in Canada for a few years, only problem? I don't know any French, but I like going there every summer to visit my grandparents,cousins, uncle, great uncles and aunts, etc.(my great grandma died at age 102 a few years ago).

    I don't think either are better, both have their problems.

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    I was born here in the usa but i'd like to visit canada someday, maybe i'll go to the niagra falls. I think i would rather live in the usa because i never thought of moving to nor would i want to.

  • Canada.

    Source(s): I live in the US and want to move to Canada... cause. :P
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    I want to live in Vancouver, British Columbia when I'm older, just cause

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  • 8 years ago

    Canada All the way

  • 8 years ago


    It's like one of the top 10 happiest countries

    And is prettier than the states in my opinion because we have the north.

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    8 years ago

    Canada. We're friendlier and we just seem like a more free and peaceful nation.

    I'd rather live in Canada, for the reasons above.

    Plus, here there's no CISPA and gay marriage is legal. I think we're also more likely to legalize weed. Jus' saying. :)

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  • 8 years ago

    Neither is "better", but I plan on living in the US because I was born and raised in the US, and I can't see myself moving out of the country.

  • 8 years ago

    u.s. because i'm familiar with this country. idk if i'd ever move because the u.s has been my home since i was 4, so i've been living here 13 years which is a good amount of time. also i have a few family members in this country which will make it easier to communicate in times of crisis.

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    8 years ago

    Canada. I live in the US but i have been to Canada three times and its awesome there. :)

    I want to move to London, because 1. ONE DIRECTION. 2. British guys. 3. NANDO'S.

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