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SSD copying files to PC?

I have Windows 7 on an SDD (solid state drive) on a tablet PC. If my Tablet PC would not work for some reason, could I copy my files by putting the SSD in another PC via SD card slot? I tried this and it came up with my Tablet network name as opposed to the files.

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    Your SSD drive doesn't go in the SD card slot. If it goes in a Secure Digital card slot, then it is not an SSD, it is a Secure Digital card

    If the SSD is a 2.5" SATA SSD, you could plug it into either a desktop (internally, using SSD data and power connectors) or into an external USB/SATA enclosure.

    Chances are though, you have a 50mm or 70mm mSata, Sata ZIF or PATA Zif connector on the SSD drive, which you can't hook up to a PC without some specialized adapters.

    Some SSD's come with a mini-USB connection directly on them for data transfer.

    Once you have the SSD properly hooked up, you should be able to browse the drive with Windows Explorer and copy the files.

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