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Marine Corps Service Questions?

I have a several questions to ask:

1. Can you get a specific mos(not field) if you join the reserves?

2. Can you you switch from reserves to active duty, if so when and how?

3. Is it hard to switch from the reserves to active duty?

4. Is it hard to get a lateral move?

5. If on active duty what is your job in your duty station?

6. Can you partake in MCMAP whenever you want and how?

If you answer these questions then thank you.

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    1. Yes but it depends on the job availability at the unit closest to you.

    2. Yes but to get an active duty contract, you must see a recruiter and seek permission from the command. Active reserves (short tours) and Individual Augmentations are different. You can go depending if they need someone that fits your job or billet description.

    3. Now it is, but it's harder the other way around.

    4. That depends on what unit your in and the job demand. It is critical that you get the right job for you- don't count on lateral moves after 2-3yrs in.

    5. I'm on Inspector & Instructor Duty for S-6.

    6. If you can find an instructor. You have to go up to him or her and ask. Some units are short of instructors. Ask around. Though Marines who are a belt above you can train you, they can't test you unless they are instructors.

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    The Marine Corps is a sub element of the army. It according to-se isn't a provider. The Coast look after is the main versatile provider. They take care of the army while in port, save open our waterways, save peoples lives, carry out regulation enforcement responsibilities worldwide, take care of our surroundings, and have a funds that makes the USMC look like it has extra money than they understand what to do with. i assume i did no longer answer your question. Oh, I served interior the army. I worked the two in specific Forces for the national protection organisation. the U. S. Marine Corps has a camaraderie which you will no longer discover yet interior the extra elite forces of the U. S. military. in spite of the fact that, that doesn't examine with the Coast look after. The Naval Academy at Annapolis is for the two Naval and Marine Corps Officer. All you want is a robust GPA and a political appointment. on the Coast look after Academy, you may meet the very difficult academic standards. Your prevalent like all different college. no longer in view which you recognize somebody. The Coast look after is going to artwork in climate that would desire to floor any Airforce interior the worldwide and is going to work out while a excellent style of the army would be in port. Why is there not extra constructive brance of provider than the USMC, via fact the Marines are no longer a branch, yet Naval Infantry to the army. they have a plenty larger widely used than the army, however the U. S. military has to return to there rescue in view that they are no longer set up for long term wrestle.

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