when 6.85 grams of element X at 85 degrees celsius is cooled to 25 degrees celsius?

how many joules of heat is evolved (specific heat of element X= 0.3210 J/g/C)

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  • 9 years ago
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    The total amount of heat required to decrease the temperature of a substance by 60 degrees Celsius, if the specific heat of the substance is 0.321 J/(g*C), is of the form Heat in (denoted Q) = (Mass)*(specific heat)*(change in temperature).

    Q = (6.85 g)*(0.321 J/(g*C))*(25-85) = -131.931 Joules. This means that by cooling 6.85 grams of substance x by 60 degrees celsius releases 131.931 Joules of heat.

    Source(s): I am taking Thermodynamics.
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