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AMERICA v.s CHINA (if we were to go to war "IF")?

if the united states would go to war with communist china what would be the fall out im sure america would be the victor but would russia help ? i know NK would...america has the strongest fleet on earth most techilogically advanced but china has the sun burst missle which could get past our carriers defensive lines (if they were able t get it within range at least which a carrier controls everything in the sea and air with in 500 miles of it) SO HOW WOULD IT PLAY OUT

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    Listen, no country on this green earth stands a fking chance against the US. We DO have the best trained troops in the world, we DO have the best technology, we DO have the biggest and best Airforce and Navy in the world, we DO have the best Army in the world. WE DO HAVE PLENTY OF PEOPLE WILLING TO FIGHT IF NEEDED. And if some Brit come in here blabbing about how they have the best trained troops... Well you can shove that up your ***. They have the longest bootcamp in the world but not the longest training. The US trains every day after Basic/Bootcamp... We never stop training

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    It would all depend on a few key factors. Who Allies with who? Who invades who? And who has the most will? The list of major allies would go something like this.









    North Korea

    South Korea




    It would most likely be China pushes America into war, and America invades China. China has the largest army in the world but America tops China in Air Power and in Naval Power. A blockade on land and sea would cripple China. India would cut off China's trade on land and the U.S. over the sea. Nukes would most likely b fired and russia and korea would cripple. America would b destroyed. But has way more nukes and has a great missile defense system. It would b a tough Nuclear WW3. China has the will power over the U.S. and her allies.

    All together the U.S. would have a better chance to win. I am hoping this war will never happen though.

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    It would all come down to strategic nuclear forces.

    We have 336 Trident D5 SLBMs deployed on 14 SSBNs.

    450 Minuteman III ICBMs in silos across the Great Plains.

    A total of 1,790 deployed strategic warheads.

    China has less than 250 deployed strategic warheads.

    Source(s): USN MT(SS)
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    No way America could win alone. If they fought with little help Us army would be scatter in the middle west north korea battle would use only navy and air support japan would be attack Fuking Iran would attack Isreal. russia would attack alaska.

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    Even so, Still china....Their smarter than any other country...

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