Need help on a few American History flashcards.?

I've done 100 flashcards in preparation for my final, but I just can't seem to answer these few. Can you please help?

# 63 In the months after Americas involvement in World War II:

a. news from the Pacific was all bad, according to President Roosevelt.

b. the United States scored impressive victories in Guam and the Gilbert Islands.

c. Japanese on the Philippines surrendered to General Douglas MacArthur.

d. the Japanese were finally repelled from China.

# 64 In early 1944, as a response to the Jewish refugee problem, Roosevelt:

a. set up a War Refugee Board.

b. suspended the quota system and opened America’s borders.

c. doubled the quota for Jews attempting to enter the United States.

d. did nothing.

#85 One of the biggest legislative accomplishments of the Kennedy administration came in the field of:

a. tariff reduction.

b. civil rights for blacks.

c. federal aid to education.

d. health insurance for the aged.

#90 The INF treaties agreed to at Moscow in 1987:

a. provided for destruction of certain nuclear missiles with on-site inspection.

b. reduced conventional forces stationed in Central Europe.

c. pledged Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan.

d. ended testing of nuclear weapons.

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