My mom makes me insecure. Help?

My mom is always pointing out what's wrong with me. If she's not telling me that my hair looks bad & i need to stop wearing it in a ponytail, then she's telling me that I need to put more makeup on.. Or stop touching my face.. Or change my clothes.. Or get my eyebrows done.. Or polish my nails. Maybe I already know how to do these things? It is MY body, & I can figure these things out on my own, I'm a 15 year old girl.. I think I'm smart enough. I started crying a few minutes ago because she kept going on & on about it. Why does she do this?! What can I say to nicely make her stop without her accusing me of being sarcastic? /; 

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    9 years ago
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    Well, you could get her involved... plan a mother/daughter "girlie" day. You and your mom should take a day when you're both not otherwise booked, and go to a salon. Have the hair cut and "done". Talk to the stylist, those people KNOW THEIR STUFF, when it comes to haircare. If the stylist recommends a shampoo/conditioner to give extra body to your hair, your mom will be right there, to hear the advice and buy the product. Your day could continue with a trip to the nail salon, mani-pedis for both of you. Again, talk to the salon girls and bring mom into the conversation.

    You need to get past that "it's my body" stuff, even though it is, believe it or not, your mom might know what she's talking about. It could be, she's had that salon experience before...

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    9 years ago

    Tell her that you honestly don't like what shes saying to you. That it hurts your feelings and that you don't want to be the way she wants you to. Tell her your clothes, your looks, your smarts and personality all make up YOU. And that you like the way you are.

    Just remember that you're beautiful in each and every way. Never underestimate your beauty, lovely :)

    Sincerely Emma <3

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    9 years ago

    Watch out guys, she's a 15 year old girl... she thinks that she is smart enough.

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    First cut her out on her crap. If that doesn't work call her fat and old, that always pisses my mom off. Best of luck <3

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    9 years ago

    awww i went through this too:) i feel ur pain and honestly what i did was just agree and just do my own thing i did it on my own time when i wanted but be confident be what you want but dont desrespect her thats not cool

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