University of Alabama or FIDM?

I was thinking about becoming an author or a fashion designer. Ya I know two completely different careers but hear me out. I was thinking about going to Alabama and majoring in english or going to FIDM or FIT and becoming a fashion designer and eventually owning my own company. Any tips. Thanks

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  • 8 years ago
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    Go to Alabama. When you graduate with an English degree and cannot find a job, you can go to FIDM, graduate and still not be able to find a job. I am sorry but there is virtually no job market for people with degrees in English and fashion design. I apologize if you consider this paragraph to be too cynical, but I wanted to make my point in the strongest possible way.

    After a year at Alabama in which you will take classes in a variety of fields, you will have a better idea about choosing a major which will lead to a job.

    Fashion and literature are nice hobbies. You would need access to several million dollars to start your own fashion company.

  • 8 years ago

    If you're passionate about writing and fashion, have you've thought about having a career in fashion journalism? It may be a great way to incorporate being an author with your passion of wanting to be a fashion designer or you could become a fashion designer and write books too! A lot of fashion designers write books also and they're great! FIDM is a great fashion college and they're known for their killer fashion programs. If you want to own your own clothing company, FIDM's business management program is also great because it enhances the business side of the fashion industry and a lot of FIDM grads go onto owning their own clothing business once they graduate. If you want more info on the program that would be best for you, FIDM has a career quiz on their website and their twitter is great at answering questions. Good luck!

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