This is more of a confession, went camping at a big rodeo with my gfs mom while she stayed home with our baby.?

Im 19 and my gf mom is 36. I have always thought it would be cool to hook up with my gfs mom, not thinking about the bad that could happen... We went on Friday to a big rodeo and camp out. Friday everyone drank including my gfs mom and I and we went to bed in the back of the truck music was on from another camp and she shook her *** on my so I moved my hips with hers and that led to us ******* and she said "oh ur so bad, we cant ever say anything" blah blah. Next day we woke up hung out and stayed sobor, went to bed and again had sex and all of the above and even cuddled and kissed all night, a few hours later early morning we did it for a 3rd time. and Sunday we hung out again till we left. To me this all brought us closer and we had fun but when we got home we texted a little dirty but then she Linda snapped and made me stop. its not awkward at all but I guess the kid in me kinda got attached a little and I want her more but cant have her but what little maturity I have feels a little guilty like all of it was good but not really worth the aftermath. Her mom would never say anything and made me promise not to either. and last night the first night home I drank and was alone and felt like I had noone cuz I cant even tell my gf the problem. I guess I thought I could have um both and not get attached to her mom, I have had lots of one or two night stands and totally forgot what they looked like but this time I got hooked and need her out of my mind...!!!! I ****** up but im human and think im being served my consequences..


Yes my sons grandma.. But I didnt really think it through, we went up to hang out with friends and family and we are pretty close and.comforatable as a family and it happened. Hormones I suppose. when its happening you dont think you just forget reality..

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    8 years ago
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    Dude, you had sex with your girlfriends mum, how do you think it's going to turn out if your girlfriend finds out? (which she will)

    I strongly suggest telling your girlfriend...if you don't have trust or honesty in a relationship what do you have?

    Tell her. If she finds out, she's going to me even more mad that you never told her and you kept it for her.

    She may even be more mad at her mum for having sex with you, you never know. But seriously, grow some balls and tell her what you've done, you've admitted what you did was f*cked up, now you need to be strong and tell her.

    Best of luck my friend.

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    I even have been the two. My first husband and that i divorced while my daughter replaced into 2 and that i replaced right into a unmarried mom and worked. Now i'm a stay at domicile mom and that i can inform you that being a unmarried mom and working replaced into by some distance the toughest element I even have ever executed.. for me staying at house is a cake walk..I even have 3 a house best now a while 14, 8 and four and in spite of the fact that at cases it extremely is style of loopy it extremely is thru some distance extra undemanding than as quickly as I had a million and worked. I even have each and every of the sympathy for working mothers and unmarried mothers it extremely is not consumer-friendly as a rely of shown fact it extremely is damn no longer consumer-friendly. My hats are off to up the solid artwork and relax certain it gets extra undemanding .

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    You had sex with your baby's grandmother? Why were you doing with her in the first place?

    Anyways, what's your question? The best thing you can do is forget about it.

  • Dianne
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    8 years ago


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