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Pregnant or Not? How far into pregnancy before a positive result can be shown on a test?

I'm going to the doctors tomorrow: but i just kind of wanted a heads up as to what can be expected...

I am on the pill, and was due to have my period (or the sugar pills) a week and a half ago. I still haven't gotten my period as i just put off taking the active pills until i got my period (which usually comes pretty soon after beginning the sugar pills). I haven't really had any symptoms, other than heartburn and the fact that i still haven't gotten my period.

I have taken 2 home pregnancy tests over the past 3 days and they have both come up negative. My partner works away so the only possible time that i could have gotten pregnant was 2-3 weeks ago. I was late in taking a pill throughout the month aswell :/

I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else, or whether it is too early to be showing up a 'positive' result and I've been given a false negative.

How far into pregnancy before a positive result can be shown?

Any help / suggestions will be appreciated, but as i said, i am going to the doctor tomorrow to get a blood test etc. Thanks guys.

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    If you have a regular cycle, and want to be 90% certain that your test will detect that you are pregnant, you should test on or after the day of your expected period. Period.

    If you have an irregular cycle, and you want to be 90% certain that their test is accurate, then you should wait three weeks after you had sex before taking a pregnancy test.

    The logic behind this is that sperm can survive about 6 days in your body, so you may still get pregnant if your ovulation is 6 days after you had sex. The time between ovulation and your next period (luteal phase) is normally anywhere between 12-16 days (it is usually the pre-ovulation period or follicular phase that varies when your cycle is irregular).

    This is really all there is to it.

    One problem though is that due to the differences in hCG levels, the hormone levels that are picked up by the pregnancy tests vary widely between women. Therefore, even if you take a pregnancy test a few days after your expected period, there is a 10% chance that you get a false negative. This means that the test gives a negative result, even though you are pregnant.

    If your test is negative and you have reasons to believe that you are in fact pregnant, the wisest thing to do is to do a new test a few days later. If you are pregnant, your hCG level will have doubled by that time and a new test is far more likely to show a positive result.

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    Both my pregnancys the tests showed up positive at around 4 weeks (from the first day of my last period) so about 2 or so weeks after ovulating?

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    it takes 3 weeks after unprotected sex for a test to show a trustworthy result, make sure its been 3 weeks because the doctor will till you the same thing, well done for making an appointment though, its best to get a professionals opinion no matter what the answer x good luck :)

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    It tends to show up, about 17 days after conception. So it might show up now, and the doctor can give you a more reliable result.

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