Who do you think will win American Idol this year (2012)?

Top 4: Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanaugh, and Phillip Phillips. Who do you think will win?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I like all of them and all of them have great talent...that goes for Skylar Laine as well and the top 10 altogether..but Joshua Ledet has the best voice..he should win American idol...I know that Phillip Phillip has a lot of female fans out there and he is a good artist who is unique and I like his humbleness and he is nice but Joshua has the most talent and he is a perfectly nice person as well, a total gentleman and he gets on with everyone and Joshua can sing a Rock song and he totally connects with it and later he can sing a meaningful slow ballad and he will totally get in the mood of the song as well..He understands the songs he sings the best and he puts his heart and soul into it more than anyone else...As much as I believe that Phillip is a great looking guy and a good artist it would be racist if he won American Idol..just because he is white and he is handsome and so for that reason girls vote for him...it's supposed to be about who has the most talent...it would make a mockery out of American Idol if Phillip wins..because then it shows that America is racist and does not want a black singer to win and Joshua is better than Phillip and just because Phillip seems to be attractive to so many females..that's no reason to make him the next American Idol..it's supposed to be a talent show..He is not as good a singer as Joshua and he will then only win because a lot of girls vote for him but not for talent...Nor should Hollie win..even if all of them got talent and even Jessica should not win...she should be in second place but Joshua should win it based on personality and on talent...and on how he connects with the songs..he does not oversing...and Randy Jackson is black..so how can America be racist and only want white guys or girls to win the show...?

    Love Phillip and Jessica...(Jessica has the best female voice...she was not great in ''proud mary, but her song ''you are so beautiful '' last Wednesday shows she deserves to be in place 2 really..

    Phillip should be in place 3 according to me and Hollie has made a remarkable comeback..she has gained self esteem and I am glad she is still there..I loved her ''River deep, mountain high'' a song of the late 1960's sung so well by Tina Turner and Hollie did a good job with it...but she was in the bottom so many times that she should not win...Joshua to me is the best male singer...and Jessica has the potential but she is only 16...she can be great but she needs to pick more age appropriate song for someone aged 16 to 18 or 19 and not sing songs of grown ups really...even though voice wise she can match them any time but she does not connect with them emotionally but she connected with ''you are so beautiful '' and that was one of her best songs'' the second song last Wednesday...x

  • 8 years ago

    I think Phillip or Joshua will win

    I think the real winner will be the one not winning

    The last time and R and B singer won, they could not do R and B music, but the American idol pop music

    I could see that happening to Joshua

    Phillip is a song writer, if he wins he can not do his own music, he will have to do the american idol pop music

    I would not rule Hollie out

    She can leave this week or end up winning

    Neither would shock me

    I do think of the 4 left, she has the best voice for the music the winner have to do

    She been doing songs like the one the make the winner do

    All three are from the south, most winners are from the south

    (the others were mid west and Oklahoma and Arizona)

    I think there a good chance that one of the three from the south will win again

  • JMA
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    8 years ago

    Phillip. Just guessing based on the past 5 years of winners. White guys with guitars.

  • 8 years ago

    I hope Hollie or Jessica..

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  • 8 years ago

    I really hope its Phillip! I love his voice and the style of songs he chooses

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