Goverment officials make decisions based on the money funded by lobbyist? What are your thoughts?

Texas is trying to pass the law to allow police officials to ask for citizenship permits. Rich people are trying to kill the law because it will effects their employees because they might be using illegal immigrant labor force that could possibly taking away jobs for the citizens. The government is taking their side because of the funding they provide... is our government only making decisions based on how much profit they gain and not worrying about their own people?

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    I have been warning about the power of the lobbyists for years.

    In the US this problem is even worse, since your judiciary made it legal for companies to directly sponsor politicians on the grounds that companies are made up of people too !

    How ridiculous, because these "people" within companies can already give political donations, so why must their company also need to do so ?

    Companies don't give money away without wanting something in return, by directly sponsoring individual politicians they effectively have them in their pockets.

    Private people give money to those parties who tend to propose a political direction they are themselves seeking.

    As for Texas trying to control the "black" labour market, and employment of illegal immigrants :-

    In March 2005, Wal-Mart, a company with $285 billion in annual sales. was fined $11 million for having untold hundreds of illegal immigrants nationwide, who are subcontracted to clean its stores.

    The federal government boasted it as the largest fine of its kind. But for Wal-Mart, it amounts to a small accounting error---and no admittance of wrongdoing since it claims it didn't know its contractors hired the illegals.

    If it weren't so easy for illegals and employers to skirt worker ID verification, and a requirement that companies like Wal-Mart were forced to improve hiring controls, or face such huge penalties that their share price can be severely affected, this will have an enormous ripple effect in corporate America.

    But the piddling fines will hardly deter businesses from hiring cheap labor from a pool of illegals that's surged by 23 percent since 2000.

    The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 provides for sanctions against businesses that hire undocumented workers, which means workers without proper identification. The legislation was enacted once Mexico-US border maquiladoras run by US corporations began closing, and those workers streamed across the border, searching for jobs of any kind.

    But here's the rub. In 1999, under President Bill Clinton, the US government collected $3.69 million in fines from 890 companies for employing undocumented workers.

    In 2004, under President George Bush, the federal government collected $188,500 from 64 companies for such illegal employment practices. And in 2004, the Bush Administration levied NO fines for US companies employing undocumented workers.

    Which in my eyes means that big business in the USA is "cashing in" on the cheap source of labour that these illegal immigrants have become !

    To the detriment of all US citizens, especially those who cannot get a job !

    There are between 11,5 and 12 million illegal immigrants in the USA, and so many of these must be working somewhere in order to survive. At the same time there are 12,7 million Americans out of work.

    Imagine the impact on US unemployment figures, if companies like Wal-Mart faced fines of a MINIMUM of $100,000 for EVERY worker found in their stores without proper identification.

    But Wal-Mart is the tip of the iceberg because the whole of corporate America is cashing in on these low paid illegal workers.

    The worst thing though, is the major economic drawback of allowing tens, or even hundreds of thousands of US businesses to pay under-market wages and benefits to undocumented workers, is that it depresses wages for ALL workers in the US, because the legal workers must compete against the much cheaper illegal ones.

    All Americans employees will then have decreased incomes, lower benefits and higher rates of poverty and hunger.

    America is so different to Europe.

    If anyone tries to implement new laws concerning employment of illegal immigrants in America, they would pretty soon be labelled as "Liberal" , "Socialist" or even worse "Communist" by the wealthy controlled media, and would be attacked for infringing on personal freedoms. Then there would be weeks of articles warning the public about how this government was trying to destroy their holy capitalist system.

    I know this, because that is exactly what happened after health insurance became mandatory in the US, or "Obama-care" as it came to be known !

    I've also been to your country many times.

    You are being taken for a ride, and they've been doing this to you for decades !

    And NO.... I am NOT a socialist, I stand somewhere in the middle, listening openly to both sides.

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    3/4 of Congress are millionaires. That tells you all you need to know on how things get done in Washington.

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    Yes and No.

    It would be a good time to educate those richness to care about their societies and poor in their societies.

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